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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2010|07:29 am]


Looking for a more adult sim game? Come join us! With real life color genetics and inherited showing ability, this game is lots of fun. Click on the link and join right away to be able to check out the whole thing. Free to play, can be played in as little as 10 minutes each week. :) If you do join, look for me at Jovian EqCenter or as Katalyce on the forums.
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2008|05:30 pm]

Anyone here heard of or been to Rap-A-Pony Farm? Its in Wallingford CT.
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2006|09:35 pm]

okay. well, i feel bad for posting again, but i did some quick research. and on ustrotting.com owner biographies i found that the farm that we might be working at [see a few entries back for first mention] that there's a Lindy Farm in Somersville, CT that fits the same description[father died, left money, waste disposal company].  Now that i know the name, i would like to ask this again: Has anyone heard of this farm, and/or how it is? Just wondering because of the possible summer job.

Thanks in advance[:
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2006|12:38 am]

Anyone know of a place to board near Groton CT for less than $200 a month?

Someone offered me a horse for free today but I can't afford the normal rate for board. TIA
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2006|07:33 pm]

Okay, so i have a question that i'm hoping someone might be able to answer.

Today in the car ride to the stable, my mother told us[Me and Sam, the coowner] that one of her sales rep's friends has a 40 acre standarbred training farm, which the whole training track and everything. It is in summers, sumners, somers [something along that line], Connecticut.  
She said that we can probably get jobs there next summer, like living there and working and such. Because the owners go on vacations a lot and such? i don't know. but they're all filthy rich because their dad died and left inheritance. and they run some garbage pick up service.

My question is: does anyone know the name of the farm/of the farm? That is all the information i am given, but would like to find out more about it online.  I know it's a shot in the dark here, but oh well. Any info would be helpful[:

And just one not related to that: is there any good exercises to help slow a horse down/calm a horse down?  Because my horse is pretty spastic, and we have an elevator on him, and really don't want to have to resort to anything tooooo harsh.  We've just been riding him through it, with LOTS AND LOTS of halfhalfs and such inbetween. but he is just so hyper and such a spaz that he doesn't really care.  He is being worked between 3-5x a week usually [not always riding, there's also longing/freelonging/grounddriving mixed in], so it's not really "he's been off for 43809283 months, and is coming back. just curious if there is any exercises to make my life easier? heh.


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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2006|08:51 pm]

Yesterday we went to the barn for a few hours.  First we longed and rode Thunder, and then a friends horse, Ben.
I don't know if you all remember Thunder, because i havn't posted in a while, but basically in case you forgot he's a 6 y/o paint horse gelding, the one who ran through the fence, had a two-week hospital visit, and half of his face is paralyzed

Thunder is doing better now, but i know that i havn't told the story, but here it goes.

Two months ago, he sliced his foot open (on what-we'll never know), from about an inch above where the hairline is on his front right foot, and slightly down into the hoof itself.  The vet had come out and stitched it up, but said it may never grow right, as it had cut the actual hoof.  He was inside for a month, having it constantly bandaged and cleaned every to everyother day.  He developed a bad case of thrush from being bandaged and staying inside all day, so we also had to start bleaching his hoof once the bandage was able to come off.  The infection is now gone, but the flap of skin that was sliced is not healing exactly right, it is a little knobby piece of skin, but we have bought bell boots so it is not constantly irritated.
Yesterday was our second time riding him from his two months off, the first time he was wonderful, and yesterday, not as much.  He was hyper and very stubborn, but not uncontrollable.
I only have pictures of my friend/coonwer riding him, as i didn't ride for too long and the fact that it was my camera, and she didn't reall know how to use it.. then i have pictures of both of us riding Ben

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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2006|11:50 am]

Just wanted to say hi. I keep meaning to post here and forgetting...

I am volunteering at Camp Laurel Girl Scout Summer camp in Lebanon for the summer. They are looking for advanced/intermediate riders to volunteer to excercise the horses and help with the program. go to www.girlscoutscttrails.org or call (860)450-7511 for more info. It is a blast!

How's everyone else's summers going?
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2006|11:32 am]

Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone knew of any sites that have dimensions/directions for building horse carts (1-horse[ours is 15hhish, 1000lbs ish], 2-3person, simple thing).

And/or if you know of any similar carts for sale in the CT/MA/NY area, under $1000 preferably.
I am located in Milford, CT.

Or a place for good-priced/cheap harnesses, but i have yet to check ebay for harnesses.

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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2006|12:33 pm]

pics!Collapse )
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Sorry this took so long [Jan. 21st, 2006|09:12 am]

What's your name: Kathryn
Age: 24
Where in Connecticut do you live: New London
How long have you been riding: 10+ years
What discipline do you do: English/Dressage/Hunter/Jumpers
Why do you ride: For excercise, communion with the horse, enjoyment, Any reason you can think of probably
Do you compete: Not much
How often do you ride: Once a week if I'm lucky
what are some of your hopes for the future: To get a job at a Therapeutic Barn/program, to get back into riding full time and maybe even back to competing at some point.
What's your personality like: Quiet, serious, truthful, empathetic
Post at least 1 picture of yourself riding(doesn't have to be a current horse, but preferably the current one, so seeing as you will most likely talk about it the most): I'm don't have on my photobucket account right now, but I will try to get some new ones soon.

Onto your horse/pony/favorite lesson horse: I don't really have one
Name: Dominec
Age: 8yo
Breed and colouring: OTTB Bay with a white sock
Height: 16.3hh?
Discipline: English/ Therapy/former eventer
How long have you owned/ridden this horse: I have been riding this horse on and off for about 6mo
Do you compete with them: nope
Any interesting personality traits: He is very honest and eager to please
Post at least 3 pictures of this horse: Sorry, I don't have any pics. :( I suppose I ought to take some pics the next time I am at the barn.

Just wanted to add a bit more about myself. I volunteer at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding in Old Lyme once a week. I warm-up horses for the lessons. I also do leading/sidewalking/Barn work there. I have my Bachelors in Equine Management with a speciatly in Therapeutic Riding from Teikyo Post University in Waterbury CT. I am a certified NARHA instructor. I rode Novice level in the ISHA at College. I was also the team secretary for 3 years and a team Captain for 2 years. I occasionally ride at Laurel Ledge Farm (Oakdale) and Mystic Valley Hunt Club (Ledyard). I actually took my first lesson in a whole year yesterday on a lovely little Hunter TB named Dixie at MVHC. He is the #3 Hunter Champion horse in the state. He had an accident a few mothes ago where his tongue was severed when he stepped on the reins, poor boy! It was an awesome ride with an instructor named Robyn. (I think I spelt that right...) I also have 2 daughters (the reason I hadn't taken lessons in a year). Abby is 2 and Naomi is 9 monthes. I have a husband, a dog and a cat. I have no money for a horse, but maybe soon I will be able to lease or buy a horse. I owned a rescue Arabian for about 6 mo, got her back up to weight, cleared up the rainrot and retrained her to halter and then sold her. I would have kept her but I was pregnant with my first daughter and couldn't afford board for a horse I couldn't ride. I have also been involved in retraining a number of problem horses, using mainly resistance-free techniques. Looking forward to talking to all you! Sorry for the rediculously long intro post,,,haha! I will try to remember to pst pics soon. :)
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