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Yesterday we went to the barn for a few hours.  First we longed… - ...It's a lot like nuts and bolts.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 24th, 2006|08:51 pm]


Yesterday we went to the barn for a few hours.  First we longed and rode Thunder, and then a friends horse, Ben.
I don't know if you all remember Thunder, because i havn't posted in a while, but basically in case you forgot he's a 6 y/o paint horse gelding, the one who ran through the fence, had a two-week hospital visit, and half of his face is paralyzed

Thunder is doing better now, but i know that i havn't told the story, but here it goes.

Two months ago, he sliced his foot open (on what-we'll never know), from about an inch above where the hairline is on his front right foot, and slightly down into the hoof itself.  The vet had come out and stitched it up, but said it may never grow right, as it had cut the actual hoof.  He was inside for a month, having it constantly bandaged and cleaned every to everyother day.  He developed a bad case of thrush from being bandaged and staying inside all day, so we also had to start bleaching his hoof once the bandage was able to come off.  The infection is now gone, but the flap of skin that was sliced is not healing exactly right, it is a little knobby piece of skin, but we have bought bell boots so it is not constantly irritated.
Yesterday was our second time riding him from his two months off, the first time he was wonderful, and yesterday, not as much.  He was hyper and very stubborn, but not uncontrollable.
I only have pictures of my friend/coonwer riding him, as i didn't ride for too long and the fact that it was my camera, and she didn't reall know how to use it.. then i have pictures of both of us riding Ben


His hoof as of yesterday.

Warming up on the longe.


Slobbering on sam while she put on half chaps.

We rode in the snaffle :x

I love sam's facial expressions.

I am really beginning to love these random little cutsey shots=]


zomg, barrels outside the fence!

"they're going to eat meeeeeeeeeeeee."

I ran off for five minutes and took pictures of a few of the other horses;

Willie. The horse that threw Sam through a fence and broke her ribs/collarbone.


Kidd. The 22 year old appendix that still does 9-15 mile hunter paces=]

Jerry. Whose owners dont' really come, and he has a respiratory problem =[


Back to the ring for more thunder pictures.


"let's runnnnnnnnnnnn"

"I want to gallop! not canter."

Having a moment....

All done riding.

Walking around for a few minutes.



Finding a place to roll.


Feels so good.

Getting up.


Nice lip, eh.

A closeup of his lip, because that half of his face is paralyzed, a delayed side affect of the nerves being damaged from running through the fence.

Side view.

Cool hairdo.

Me and Thunder.

Then we got Ben, size comparasin.

I'm going to be obnoxious and rub myself on you.

I was playing with the shutter speed, and liked this.

Playing with lighting.

zomgggggggg scary barrels again.

Accidental shot. but i liked it.



Then i got up for a little bit.

Going from a 15hh stocky paint horse to a 16-17hh TB is quite strange.

I honestly don't know what was going on here.

He looks nice and i was fixing my brastrap.

Well, that's all i have today, sorry for so many!!!

Feel free to critique my riding on Ben, if you'd like.

But, i hope you enjoyed them=]