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Okay, so i have a question that i'm hoping someone might be able to… - ...It's a lot like nuts and bolts.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 29th, 2006|07:33 pm]


Okay, so i have a question that i'm hoping someone might be able to answer.

Today in the car ride to the stable, my mother told us[Me and Sam, the coowner] that one of her sales rep's friends has a 40 acre standarbred training farm, which the whole training track and everything. It is in summers, sumners, somers [something along that line], Connecticut.  
She said that we can probably get jobs there next summer, like living there and working and such. Because the owners go on vacations a lot and such? i don't know. but they're all filthy rich because their dad died and left inheritance. and they run some garbage pick up service.

My question is: does anyone know the name of the farm/of the farm? That is all the information i am given, but would like to find out more about it online.  I know it's a shot in the dark here, but oh well. Any info would be helpful[:

And just one not related to that: is there any good exercises to help slow a horse down/calm a horse down?  Because my horse is pretty spastic, and we have an elevator on him, and really don't want to have to resort to anything tooooo harsh.  We've just been riding him through it, with LOTS AND LOTS of halfhalfs and such inbetween. but he is just so hyper and such a spaz that he doesn't really care.  He is being worked between 3-5x a week usually [not always riding, there's also longing/freelonging/grounddriving mixed in], so it's not really "he's been off for 43809283 months, and is coming back. just curious if there is any exercises to make my life easier? heh.



[User Picture]From: ummm_yes
2006-11-30 02:46 am (UTC)
first. try typing in barns in Sommers(sp?), Ct.
there should be a list oh barns in there.

second. about the fast horse. does he just have pent up energy or is he going fast because he's unbalanced? Is he only fast when you jump him or all the time.

Either way circels help, half halts help. Try doing a one handed half halts with your right hand. or try holding the half halt for longer. like do one where you pull back for two seconds and then release. if that doesn't help try doing it for 5 seconds. and increase it.. perhaps you need to just do it for longer. Talk to him the whole time. use a soft vioce " just trot or just canter..." if he keeps running through your hands, I would honestly do a pully reign, make his ass stop and back up. The halt him for a few minutes and have him after that go into an upward transition. Make sure it isnt a respect issue. Cause alot of times or atleast the examples ive seen- all have been respect issues.

It could be that he just has ALOT of pent up engery. If his work out allows it, try riding him for a long amount of time. with plenatly of resting times but instead of trotting for 10 minutes, increase it to 20 minutes and then to 30 minutes. same with the canter. SOme horses are naturally just fast paced. Hopefully youll figure this out.

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[User Picture]From: horsevegas
2006-11-30 02:58 am (UTC)
yeah-i found it through some trotting databases. lindy farms i believe?

anyways - i do the half halts on a one-two-three count. like. hold for one and two and release on three? and the pully rein, do you simply mean a draw rein?
and the whole making him stop thing... i do that, just not backing up. if he is being really fast or pushy, i will pull him to the inside, out of the way of any horses that might be there[usuall not] and make him stop for a minute. then go.
and how would i find out if it is a respect issue?
Like. he has no problems being caught/haltered/handled/fed/tacked up and he'll follow you around in the ring and stuff. could it be that respect is only an issue under saddle? if so, how can i fix it?

And with the pent up energy, it could be that for today, since it's been lots of rain the past few days, so they havn't been let out due to mud. thye're usually out daily 7am-4pm ish. but he is usually like this-hyped up and spastic. during the weekdays[schooldays] we get down there 2-3x, and it's usually an hour, hour and a half tops workout. but on the weekends, we are usually down there for a few hours working him [not consistently, we would take a break and eat lunch or something]. oh well.
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[User Picture]From: ummm_yes
2006-12-01 07:05 am (UTC)
with the respect issue. If you ask him to stop or go from the canter to a trot...does he pull you half way across the ring before he listens? if he listens when you ask him, like you half halt. use your seat and ask him to do a downward transition and he responds- he respects you. If he refuses to listen and pretty much ignores yours half halts and pulls on the bit and continues to canter or trott through the ring- thats a respect issue.

a pully reign is when you place one hand on the horses neck and with the other hand you "pull" straight up. it causes the bit to place pressure on the top on the mouth and on his lower jaw at the same time almost always resulting in a stop.
**this isnt something you should use everyday. its more of a respect me right now this minute or used in Emergency situations.

if he isnt really respecting you, your best bet is to continue working on a lunge line and on ground manners. Work with him with your voice. Make hims respect you on the ground while you are lunging him completly tacked up. He should do upward and downward transitions and halt when you ask on the lunge line.use a calm voice for down ward transitions "just walk...just trot" lowering your voice as you get to the end of your command. Sometimes voice makes all the difference. Once he masters(if he hasn't already) it on the lunge line, hop on him and see how it responds while you are riding him. Make sure to use your vioce because he just learned to listen to your voice and respond when he is being lunged.

also, if he isn't respecting you, when you halt him make him back up. Every time he ignores decides "no I dotn want to stop. deal with it" halt him for five seconds and then back his ass up until he can't back up anymore. make him walk a few steps and then halt him again. Then go ahead with the same thing you were trying to do when he decided to not listen and rush around. backing up requires ALOT more engery input then actually listening. If you do this every time you feel he is "grabbing the bit and runings" he'll eventually learn " hey it takes less engery to listen to her. lets try that"

sometimes horses are just naturally faster paced. try these things and see how it work. remember the pully reign shouldnt be used all the time. its a once and while technique.

as for the half halts. try - pull back, count to three then relaese. if he still doesnt respond. pull back, count to five, release. make sure though your releases are big engouh that he can feel you pulling and releasing. it defeats the purpose if you pull back two cms and then only give him a cm release.

Hopefully this will work out! keep me updated!
Do you have a trainer that could help you with this stuff?
and how old is he? Breed?
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[User Picture]From: horsevegas
2006-12-01 11:23 am (UTC)
aww. thanks for all the tips, i'm deffinately going to keep them in mind next time.
as for the trainer, we don't persay have a designated trainer, just lots of horsey friends to turn to for advice.
he's a 6 year old paint. but, we got him when he was 4 and he's had so many injuries / time off, that it's like there was maybe 7-8mos total put into him, and each time it's like starting over.
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